Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The South Grand dining corridor

Then and now, starting at 12th & South Grand and going west to Second.

  • The Den Chilli Parlor (somewhere in the middle of the block between 12th & 11th; there may have been a couple different versions of this over the years)

  • The Southtown Grill (11th & South Grand; this is the first place my mom ever took me out to lunch; I think I had a fried egg sandwich)

  • The Georgian (southwest corner 9th & South Grand)

  • Lums (7th & South Grand; I always got the pizza burger; later became Hardee's parking lot)

  • Hardee's (6th & South Grand; this closed just a little over a month ago; noticed this weekend the property is for sale)

  • The Jackie Robinson System (between Sixth & Fifth; in later years this was a Chinese carry-out)

  • A Chinese restaurant, the name of which escapes me (a storefront on north side of South Grand between Sixth & Fifth)

  • Tops Big Boy (corner Fifth & South Grand; I was a semi-regular)

  • The Dew Chilli Parlor (on Fifth a half block north of South Grand; edited to correct name from Den to Dew)

  • Some little pie place? (on Fifth a half block south of South Grand; what was the name of that place?)

  • Hot dog, rootbeer, and candy stand inside the lobby of Sears (Second & South Grand)

  • Red Barn Chicken (2nd & South Grand)

  • Arby's

  • Rally's

  • McDonald's

  • South Grand Sandwich Shop (formerly known as Swiss Colony Cheese Shop)

  • A little Chinese place (just east of Second on South Grand; why can't I ever remember the names of Chinese restaurants?)

  • Mekong Cafe (in the location of the former Taco Trio; on Second just south of South Grand)

  • The Spaghetti Shop

  • Sunrise Cafe

And one mainstay through it all - though it's not a restaurant, it deserves some mention: Midway Liquors.

What am I forgetting? Comments, memories and corrections always welcome.

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