Thursday, October 11, 2007

Taverns past: The Pub

Help me remember. I was driving down Spring Street going south from the Capitol Complex over the weekend when I suddenly recalled The Pub. If memory serves me, it was on the west side of Spring between Edwards and Cook. Or, possibly, between Cook and Lawrence. All traces of The Pub are gone now. Instead, there are several vacant/parking lots on that side of the street.

The place basically consisted of a large square bar five or six steps inside the front door. Off to the left was a large room with some pinball machines, dart boards, maybe a juke box, and a few tables. The Pub was best known for its free peanuts and people would throw the discarded shells on the floor. They were free, right?

I obviously wasn't a regular. And I can't even remember who I would have gone there with. I was probably last there in about 1979. Who were the regulars? State workers? Did anyone else go to the Pub? What happened to The Pub? And, where are the free peanuts these days?

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